In addition to our customer companies we rely on facts, honoured commitments, and the best customer experience.

Improvement of accessibility in the competitive and rapidly developing operating environment is a key to success.

A company willing to grow through customer satisfaction needs accurate milestones.

Accessibility, as well as the quality of customer relationships are comprehensive and identifiable values. Based on these values we are able to respond by improving our processes, and anticipate areas to be develop in future.

HandyCall has provided us the milestones that we were lacking before.

Arto Koljonen After Sales Manager Oy AutoCarrera Ab

HandyCall provided us a real time solution for monitoring our telephone traffic, and its successful management. In the area of establishing customer contacts and customer communication HandyCall has brought us completely new possibilities the significance of which is highlighted in the present day automobile business.

Kimmo Vuolle – Service Manager Käyttöauto Oy

Through HandyCall our customers were able to reach us better, and we obtained a well-functioning tool for our call-back needs. Using this software we can combine problems of a customer’s several vehicles in one and the same call, which facilitates the process and saves time for the customer.

Tino Pannone, Manager of Maintenance, Repairs and Spare Parts Services | Scania Suomi Oy

HandyCall improved the quality and range of our customer services, providing us a possibility to develop and enhance the performance of our organisation.

Mikko Kumpulainen – Project Manager Motonet Oy

We, at O.K. Auto Oy are extremely satisfied with HandyCall. We receive accurate information about how calls are handled at our different offices, right up to the individual level, and the way how missed called are returned. The purpose is not to “hunt down” anyone, but from the reports we can see right away, which sub-areas need improvement. HandyCall has indeed provided us a possibility of developing our call services considerably, and increase our sales, because we have been able to return virtually 100% of all missed calls.

In addition to versatile reports, HandyCall offers another excellent feature, i.e. when any inbound call is made to a group, which for one reason or another cannot be taken, and when any of the members of that group returns this missed call, the number from which the missed call was made is removed from the logs of every other members right away.

Seppo Ståhlberg CEO O.K. Auto Oy